Shiatsu Training & Courses

Why Train in Shiatsu?

Everyone starts a Shiatsu course with different aims and expectations but students and teachers agree that the result is both profound and rewarding.
There are several options for training. Courses range from one-off workshops to full 3-year Shiatsu Practitioner Diplomas.

The majority of schools offer the training over one weekend a month but all schools are independent so we recommend you contact a few near to you to see what they offer and then select the one that best suits you.

Graduates of the diploma course  are eligible to apply to join the Register of Professional Practitioners of the Shiatsu Society (RPSSI).

Benefits of Shiatsu Training

  • Work as a qualified professional Shiatsu practitioner with a qualification that is recognised throughout Europe
  • Teaching is comprehensive and based on thousands of years of oriental medicine theory
  • Learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory
  • Learn powerful diagnosis techniques
  • Self development: physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Improve and develop your awareness of Ki (Chi) Energy
  • Ensure the wellbeing of yourself, your friends and family

You can read some research on Shiatsu by following this link.

Introduction to Shiatsu Course

    Delve into the world of Shiatsu, energy awareness, mindfulness and meditation. This revitalising workshop will give participants an introduction to Shiatsu. You will be guided through fundamental principles of Shiatsu in safe and supported space.

    The workshop is focused on sensing energy, energy through our own hands and then applying this to others. You will be guided through a wonderful prone Shiatsu stress release routine and introduced to the different qualities of touch that Shiatsu offers as a therapy.

    This weekend will leave you feeling revitalised and give you wonderful insight into the world of Shiatsu which may be helpful for those who are thinking of joining the first year course in Japanese Acupressure this September.

    Shiatsu College Dublin
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    Contact: Helena O’Loughlin
    Email: or call 087 261 3355
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    Shiatsu Schools

    The Shiatsu Society is the independent regulating body for Shiatsu in Ireland. We have no affiliation to any particular school. Our members have received their practitioner level training from Shiatsu Schools in Ireland and abroad.

    Through our registration process and communication with Shiatsu Schools we aim to help maintain training standards at their high level nationally.

    We have listed here the Shiatsu Schools currently offering Shiatsu Practitioner training in Ireland:


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