Featured Practitioner, Julien Joly

Julien Joly is a Zen Shiatsu Therapist, a graduate of The British School of Shiatsu-
Do, London, and is an accredited teacher and a panel member of the Shiatsu
Society of Ireland. Julien has worked in the therapeutic field for 20 years, exploring
and working through the lens of a holistic approach. He is passionate about the
energetics of a body/mind/environment system
In addition to his former training, Julien qualified from a 2-year postgraduate diploma
course with Shiatsu Master Tetsuro Saito. He graduated from a five-year training in
psychotherapy with the Gestalt Institute of Ireland and he is currently finishing a
Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy with Carlow Institute of Technology.

The Granary Therapy Centre on the right

As well as practising Shiatsu, Julien has an established Gestalt Psychotherapy
practise in Galway. Other modalities he practices include Remedial Pilates. Julien
works on a one to one basis, teaches Shiatsu for Dublin Shiatsu College, and he
facilitates Personal Development therapy groups for the Gestalt Institute of Ireland.
In his Shiatsu clinic Julien works with symptoms ranging from structural problems
such as poor posture, muscular pain, back-neck-shoulder tightness, and also
pathologies of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous and reproductive

Julien continues to deepen his work and understanding of the movement of Chi in
the interconnectedness that exists in the holistic spheres between body
(physical/emotional), mind, and spirit/environment. He also works with Shiatsu and
body-oriented work to address mental health and psychopathologies such as
depression and anxiety. He welcomes to his clinic people who are suffering from
physical and emotional issues related to trauma.

Julien’s short synopsis of the Essence of Zen Shiatsu

Touch is at the core of any human relationship from infanthood onwards. Julien’s
interests in the wellbeing of the person inclusive of their psychology, has led his
efforts in both his practice and research of Zen Shiatsu to explore touch in its
intention to reach into another, respectfully, and inclusive of the person as a whole.
In Julien’s observations of our Irish and European society in the 21 st century, he
perceives that more people are now giving importance and value to the respect and
equality of their human rights. In his views, the fundamental principles of Zen
Shiatsu, its holistic approach and therapeutic ethos are grounded in these values.
To Julien, an important aspect of Zen Shiatsu is about making contact with another,
a way to communicate non-verbally and through a touch that says I see you with my
heart and with my hara (intuition centre) with empathy and without judgment. He
sees the work with his clients as a collaboration from which physical and emotional
healing can happen and changes be integrated.

Julien can be contacted through his website http://www.shiatsutherapy.ie or via email
julien@shiatsutherapy.ie, or by phone 086 330 8282.

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“Energy creates structure” is a fundamental fact recognised by science. Energy in its essence supports, holds, contains, travels, feeds, moves, transforms, creates, grows, communicates.
People come for Shiatsu Therapy to get relief from pain and stress and to release tension held in the body. The focus of the treatment is to support and enhance the person’s immune system so as to recover a more balanced physical and mental health.
Shoulder Opening
A few quotes from what people experience and how they feel several days after treatment:
“I don’t know what you’ve done but my back is perfect”
“The pain in my wrist is gone”
“I can lift my arm again”
“I can breath better, my chest has opened up”
“My cough has gone”
“This old pain in my hip has gone”
“The pain in my neck feels much better”
“I have much more mobility in my shoulders”
“My headaches have cleared”
“The pain in my stomach hasn’t come back.”
“My digestion has improved”
“I sleep better at night”
“I don’t feel as tired, my energy has improved”