Introduction to Shiatsu

Introduction to Shiatsu

Introduction to Shiatsu with
Shiatsu College Dublin

Delve into the world of Shiatsu, energy awareness, mindfulness and meditation.

The workshop is focused on sensing energy, through our own hands and then applying this to others.

You will be guided through a wonderful Shiatsu stress release routine
and introduced to the various qualities of touch that Shiatsu offers as a therapy.

This weekend will leave you feeling revitalised and give you wonderful
insight into the world of Shiatsu which may be helpful for those who are
thinking of joining the Japanese Acupressure course in September.

Date: Sat & Sun 22nd & 23rd June 2019

Time: 10am – 5 pm
Cost: €160

Venue: The Healthy Way, Ralph Square, Leixlip
Book online: or Email:

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Featured Practitioner – Julien Joly


To Julien, an important aspect of Zen Shiatsu is about making contact with another,
a way to communicate non-verbally and through a touch that says I see you with my
heart and with my hara (intuition centre) with empathy and without judgment.

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Emma Fitzpatrick


I aim to offer presence to my clients, a space of acceptance and ease so that they feel free to trust, deepen and release and emerge free to express their individual and authentic selves!

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