Featured Shiatsu Practitioner – Mary McHugh

Mary McHugh is a registered Shiatsu practitioner with the Shiatsu Society of Ireland in the Oranmore, Galway area and has been practising since 2006.

Prior to training in Shiatsu Mary was a teacher, but was drawn to this therapy due to the simplicity of its core philosophy and because she believes in the importance of balance and touch for health.

As part of a treatment Mary may use the herb Moxa (artemisa vulgaris) which is heated and applied near the body to warm and invigorate the flow of energy. She may also use cupping as part of a treatment.

What is Cupping?

Cupping – where cups are suctioned on to the body or gently moved along energy channels to create a vacuum which draws the skin and superficial muscle up. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and flow of energy and encourages toxins to be drawn out of the body.

Respiratory ailments and general congestion can be helped here.

Cupping with Mary McHugh

What is Moxa?

Moxa (Artemisa Vulgaris ) Moxibustion is a form of therapy that entails the burning of mugwort leaves. This is a small, spongy herb that is believed to enhance healing. The practice is derived from Chinese medicine. 

It is used to treat cold patterns in arthritis and joint pain for example, common in our damp Irish climate.

Moxibustion with Mary McHugh

Contact Mary McHugh

You can learn more about Mary’s full range of Shiatsu and other complimentary treatments offered on her website:


Phone: 086 807 9813

Email: mary@cregganna.com

Moxibustion with Mary McHugh


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