Featured Shiatsu Practitioner of the Week:
Sally Dunne

Sally Dunne began her Shiatsu training over 20 years ago, and then went on to train in acupuncture in 2002.  She is a member of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland and offers Shiatsu treatments out of her clinic in Dun Laoghaire.

Sally then trained as a Yoga teacher in 2009 and then as a yoga therapist in 2018, teaching Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mindful Chair Yoga both online and in person.

Sally recently trained in Somatic Movement. It is a subtle yet powerful way to re-educate the brain-muscle connection in order to ease the pain of long held physical tension. The causes may be varied – whether as a result of trauma, emotional holding, work-related repetitive strain or unresolved injury.

For Sally herself, even with all her years of yoga practice, she has found Somatics has improved her own range of movement, and has become an important element in self-care. 

She teaches group classes online and in person, and also facilitates one-to-one sessions for Somatics and Yoga. 

Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement is a gentle but thorough approach. The idea is to give the client the tools with which to address their muscle pain and gradually shift it.  Specific exercises are taught, either individually or in a class.

From these exercises the client develops a home practice to continue and maintain their improvements themselves at home.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga has to be tried to realise its amazing potential. It involves the use of props, such as pillows, bolsters, yoga blocks, eye pillows and rugs, to support the body in comfortable poses to allow relaxation at a profoundly deep level.

The approach works with our nervous system to help us shift out of stress. Restorative Yoga gives us a way to address long held tension and stress in the body which can have such a devastating effect on our physical health, our mood, sleep, eating patterns and emotions. It is suitable for anyone.


Mindful Chair Yoga

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga can be enjoyed by everyone. The beauty of the practice is that it is so adaptable. The use of a chair for stability and safety opens up the opportunity for anyone to adapt many yoga poses. Such a class is ideal for the over 60’s and for people of all ages who want to return to movement and exercise after illness, accident or surgery.

Chair yoga is a simple and safe approach that can yield real results when practiced regularly. 


What can Acupuncture treat?

Migraine  Neck & Shoulder Pain  Stress symptoms  Back pain 
 Frozen shoulder  Tennis elbow  Digestive problems  Sports injuries  Insomnia  IBS  Constipation  Infertility (male & female)  IVF/IUI support  Tiredness/ M.E  Sinusitis  Low energy/ mood  Skin problems  Arthritis  Anxiety  Sciatica  Rhinitis  Pregnancy issues 
 Post-operative pain and recovery  Fibromyalgia  Meniere’s disease
 Urinary problems  Menopausal symptoms  Menstrual problems – PMS/prolonged or short cycle/period pain



Contact Sally Dunne:

t: 087 222 0749
e: sallydunne@myhealth.ie


Acupuncture/Shiatsu Clinic:

Kingston House, 64 Patrick’s Street
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

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Online Yoga classes: via Zoom.

In-person Yoga classes: St. Paul’s Parish Centre, corner of Adelaide Road and Silchester Road, Glenageary, Co. Dublin

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One-to-one Yoga classes and Yoga Therapy sessions: via Zoom or in client’s own home.

Somatic Movement group classes: via Zoom.

Personalised Somatic Movement programmes: via Zoom or in client’s own home.


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