An early Shiatsu experience by Diana Cassidy

Diana Cassidy is a registered Shiatsu Practitioner  based in Cork. 

Here she recalls in a lighthearted way an early Shiatsu experience she had while doing her Shiatsu training, and how that experience resonated with her in her future practice of Shiatsu and the power of healing with touch….


“I was in my first year of Shiatsu training in London and I had booked to go as a receiver to a 3rd year student that evening.

I had been a keen horse person for most of my childhood and teenage years and the Grand National was running that day. There were 2 horses that I thought would do very well and so I went to put a bet on at the bookies.

Bear in mind that I knew absolutely nothing about betting (and still don’t). It was in 1990 and I put £1 over the counter for a bet on either horse to come in 1st or 2nd.

I was delighted to hear that one of them came in first at 7/2 on (I think). I was in for a payment of £3.50 – or so I thought. I collected my winnings of £0.75. I can’t remember the exact figures but apparently tax was deducted at source and the remainder split between each horse and each position therefore putting £0.20 per horse per position.

I was furious at my lack of knowledge and the fact that I was out of pocket.

I arrived for my treatment with the 3rd year student.

She took my info and started hara diagnosis. When she touched the liver area it felt to me like a total invasion. It was all I could do to keep from belting her one and running out.

Keep calm I told myself, she is learning.

“It’s quite tight there isn’t it?” she said.

“You’ve no idea how close to death you are…” – I replied through gritted teeth.

“Don’t worry, I’ll work on that and we’ll see what happens.” – she replied.

With that, she did liver stretches and worked for about 10 mins in total on the channel.

When she went back to check the diagnostic area again, she could have driven a tractor through it for all the difference it made.

It was a lesson on the effects of thought and relationship with qi and organ response to Shiatsu that I have never forgotten.”


Diana Cassidy is a Shiatsu practitioner based in Cork.

You can contact Diana for a Shiatsu treatment at:

Co. Cork

Tel:  087 207 0132


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