Through Autumn with Shiatsu – by Anna of SENSE Wellbeing for Women


Season of the Metal Element

Take a good care of your

LUNGS & Large Intestine


Metal element and Shiatsu

Metal phase is linked to the Autumn season.

Both metal meridians – Lung & Large Intestine, work together for exchange.

Metal phase in our own structure implies our ability to receive and transmit, to communicate with the environment, to change yet to remain ourselves.

Grief, nervousness, isolation, weakness and inability to let go/ move on, are the main emotions associated with metal energy.

Main physical symptoms of the metal energy imbalance are: pale skin, skin problems, bowel problems and tightness in the chest and round shoulders.

Factors affecting the Metal Element are: grief, loss, lack of exercises, smoking, air pollution and dry air.

Shiatsu therapy is very effective in balancing emotions and easing physical symptoms.

Lung & Large Intestine meridians treatment helps to improve the work of respiratory and digestive systems, and creates the space to let go all the accumulated tension and associated emotions in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


Autumn also means rain, rain and even more rain….

How are you doing in this rainy weather?

According to the traditional medicine, damp and cold can create stagnation in our bodies.

It leads to digestive problems, chest infections, and excessive phlegm and joints pains and stiffness.

To prevent health problems related to dampness try to:

– Avoid sweet foods and alcohol.

– Choose rich in aromatic spices hot soups and stews over the cold meals and raw salads.

– Eat more garlic, ginger and onion as they help to clear the dampness.

– Drink herbal teas (e.g. ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves).

– Exercise regularly.

– Go to the sauna.

– Go for a shiatsu.

Written by Anna Rutkowska | SENSE Wellbeing for Women
Anna runs her Shiatsu and Natural Skincare Clinic in Loughrea, Co. Galway.