Are you a Shiatsu Practitioner?

If YES – reserve your space at the Mind Body Experience

RDS Dublin 17,18 & 19th May 2019

Following on from the super experience at the Cork Mind Body Experience – the Shiatsu Society Stand will be traveling to Dublin for the Mind-Body Experience (17,18,19 May) in the RDS Dublin.  This is an excellent opportunity to promote your Shiatsu Practice and Shiatsu in general to 1000’s of people over the weekend. Shiatsu Practitioners who attended Cork said it was “a day they would never forget” and two farmers from Kerry said “that was amazing” after receiving Chair Shiatsu at the Shiatsu Society Stand.It’s free for Society members to promote themselves and offer paid treatments. Some slots have been taken for the Saturday and Sunday but I have some remaining especially for Saturday. Let me know with the form below, when you would like to attend.  Email me below saying Saturday or Sunday – am or pm – you can do it all if you like :). It’s free to attend so please bring friends and family for a super day out full of health and well being. Don’t forget to promote the event on your own Facebook and social media. Here’s the link to the event so you can see all the speakers and stall holders There will be a massage table and chair for you to give treatments and you will keep the money charged.  You can chat with people and give out your flyers or the Shiatsu Society will give you flyers to add your details onto. Looking forward to seeing you there

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Featured Practitioner – Julien Joly


To Julien, an important aspect of Zen Shiatsu is about making contact with another,
a way to communicate non-verbally and through a touch that says I see you with my
heart and with my hara (intuition centre) with empathy and without judgment.

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Emma Fitzpatrick


I aim to offer presence to my clients, a space of acceptance and ease so that they feel free to trust, deepen and release and emerge free to express their individual and authentic selves!

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