Free Shiatsu Photoshoot

If you would like to have photographs of your Shiatsu practice then come along to the FREE PHOTOSHOOT

SATURDAY 30TH MARCH    – 11am-4pm


Last year Shiatsu Society Ireland offered a free photoshoot to all members of the Society.  It was a lovely day of sharing and delicious food brought by members.  We had tea, chatted and swapped Shiatsu in a tranquil, peaceful environment overlooking the sea. It was a very calm environment from which Patrick Bridgeman from could take light, bright photographs of Shiatsu.

This year this service is being offered for free to every member of the Society including students. Each member will receive a 30 minute slot and have a chance to chat with the photographer to say which shots you would most like, neck and shoulders, close up, back etc.  Fill the form below letting me know which time slot you would like.


Each practitioner will receive their own shoots of the day, including a professional headshot.  These will belong to both you and the Shiatsu Society so we can use the images to spread the word about Shiatsu.  The day will also be an opportunity to swap and receive a shiatsu – what could be better 🙂

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Featured Practitioner – Julien Joly


To Julien, an important aspect of Zen Shiatsu is about making contact with another,
a way to communicate non-verbally and through a touch that says I see you with my
heart and with my hara (intuition centre) with empathy and without judgment.

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Emma Fitzpatrick


I aim to offer presence to my clients, a space of acceptance and ease so that they feel free to trust, deepen and release and emerge free to express their individual and authentic selves!

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Featured Practitioner – Claire Haugh


For Claire, Yoga, Shiatsu and Breathwork are a perfect “trinity” – each enhances wellbeing. With the addition of Tantra she offers many ways to connect body, mind and spirit; take a look at Claire Haugh’s Practice – “HeartSpace”

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