Shiatsu at Cork & Dublin – Mind Body Experience

Come and be a part of Sharing Shiatsu with 1000’s of people

Cork – 13 & 14th April

Dublin – RDS 17,18, 19th May

Free for all members of the Shiatsu Society.  Simply let me know when you would like to attend.  There’s a reply form at the end of this email.  You can do both events for all the days if you like.  If you are only available for a couple of hours on one of the days, that’s perfect too.

You can chat with people about your Shiatsu practice and give out your leaflets.  The Shiatsu Society also has leaflets printed with a space that you can add your own Shiatsu practice details.   There will be a plinth and a Shiatsu Chair on which to give taster treatments (you keep the money you earn).

This is a perfect opportunity to grow your practice, raise the awareness of Shiatsu and meet with other practitioners.  Nothing beats face to face contact with people.  Even if they don’t come for treatment straight away, the ripples of awareness pay benefits over and over.

There is also an opportunity for you to give talks on the benefits of Shiatsu and your unique practice.  There are 2 x 1-hour slots in Cork and in Dublin.  If you would like to be a speaker at these events please send me your headshot, bio, talk heading and content.  These talks will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Usually, these events are very expensive to hold a stall so for only the cost of your SSI membership you get to promote your shiatsu and events at this experience for FREE.  If you pay for your insurance with the Block scheme at Balens, you receive a discount which means in real terms your SSI membership costs only it costs you €19 to be a member of the Society so with plenty to gain and little to lose why not join, rejoin or tell a friend who isn’t a member yet.

There will be another photoshoot in March 2019 so everything to gain for your practice and nothing to loose

Download your membership form here

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Featured Practitioner – Julien Joly


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