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Shiatsu Society AGM 2019

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Shiatsu Society of Ireland

Sunday 27thJanuary 2019 @11:00am

Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin


Minutes taken by Siobhan Kirk & Maria Exposito


Joanne Faulkner, Chairperson                            Patricia O’Hanlon

Siobhan Kirk, Secretary                                        Helena O’Loughlin

Tricia Frost, Treasurer                                          Lydia Skowronski

Maria Exposito                                                        Mary McHugh


Julien Joly                                                             Diana Morrison Diana Cassidy                                                      Susan Boyce

Sally Dunne                                                           Maria Butler


  • The chairperson welcomed attendees and gave a brief update on the progress of the current committee during 2018 and made the announcement of Siobhan stepping down from the Secretary position and Maria Exposito stepping forward for election. It was highlighted that there is a need to change the renewal process, making it easier so people do not need to fill up the form each time. There is also a need to change the constitution to allow a change on the bank account, so we can have a card against it that shall require one signature only (The Treasurer’s)
  • Minutes of the Previous AGM in February 2018 were reviewed and signed off.
  • Reports of Officers:
  • Chairperson presented the stats of the activity on the Facebook page: There has been a significant increase on the number of page likes, reactions, shares & comments and post reach towards the end of the year when the strategy of consistently and regularly publishing posts bringing awareness about shiatsu was implemented. This strategy has proved to be far more successful than paying Facebook to boost post which was tried around May and June. The overall outcome is very satisfactory:
    • visits to SSI website 2018 – 4,467
    • visits to SSI website 2019 to date – 622
    • Facebook has 508 followers
  • The Chairperson also reports that there has been attempts to hire a person to take care of the marketing aspect of the Society; several people were contacted during the year for the matter but despite the efforts this endeavour has been fruitless due to limited budget.
  • Secretary reports that the total number of members for 2018 was 27 and the current membership renewal for today is standing at 16 of which 12 are registered practitioners, 2 graduates and 2 2ndyear students. With regard to “Society Activities” members have expressed interest in workshops on the following subjects: Shiatsu refreshers for longstanding practitioners, pregnancy & gentle spinal manipulation.
  • Treasurer presented the accountancy report for the period starting October 2017 up to present, January 2019. The Period started with an Opening Balance of €9813.39. The total expenditure during this time has been €6213.79 ending with a current balance of €6621.40.
  • Questions of Officers:
  • Patricia asked: Do the Paid adds work? Helena stated that the College spends €50-€60 per month and it works very well. She emphasized the importance of employing a person who does a professional job about it. Discussion followed about how to get more interaction on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Election of Officers:
  • Joanne Faulkner proposed as Chairman- Seconded and Elected.
  • Tricia Frost proposed as Treasurer – Seconded and Elected.
  • Maria Exposito proposed as new Secretary – Seconded and Elected.
  • Substantive Motions
  • Proposed Projects & Budget for the year
  • Chairpersons vision for 2019/20



    Host Organiser







    Sheild sent to members

    Begin membership Updates








    MBE Cork


    €500 est


    MBE Dublin


    €500 est


    Shiatsu Skill and practice Swap – Dublin










    Shiatsu Training




    Shiatsu Skill and practice Swap – Cork








    Fb inst and twitter posts








  • Changes to the constitution to point(f) of section 6. Finance to allow having a visa debit card against the Society’s bank account: Constitution currently reading “The Society shall have a bank account into which all moneys shall be lodged and cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and an appointed Committee member” will be changed to “The Society shall have a bank account into which all moneys shall be lodged and visa debit card attached to this account shall require one signature. The Treasurer shall be responsible for approving all purchases made using this card from this account.
  • Changes to the constitution to include a clause with regards to membership applications from practitioners from abroad. The wording will read as follows: “Practitioners applying for Shiatsu Society of Ireland from abroad must first present their college diploma for verification of this qualification by the committee. If qualifications to the standard of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland cannot be verified the applicant must undergo assessment by the Panel.


  • Changes to the Constitution with regards to assessment of new RPSSI members. New practitioners on the day of obtaining their qualifications from their college, if they are already members of the Society and a member of the Panel is present as part of their assessment, can become a Registered Practitioner. Practitioners who have qualified more than 2 years prior to the addition to this rule must undergo assessment by the Panel or by a committee member, if assessment could not be carried out by panel.


  • Mid-Year application only open to new members: Practitioners can join and receive a reduced fee. All renewals must be done at the beginning of the year. Explanatory email to go out to members.


  • Bounced Cheques: These incur in a bank charge that must be paid by the applicant. Explanatory email to go out to members.
  • Any other Business
  • SSI seal & renewal reminder: An email is to go out to the members reminding them about the renewals and how not renewing the membership can affect their insurance cover. Also, the SSI Seal will be sent out to all the members who have renewed for their perusal.
  • Photoshoot:Joanne proposed to do another photoshoot in March in the same rooms used last year. Patricia recommended some other rooms in DCC (Adrianne Crowe) which Joanne would like to check so exact date and venue is still to be decided.
  • Participation on the MBE discussed: Helena recons that is not worth it as the place has been very quiet the last couple of years and very few practitioners have volunteered for it. Helena will give the SSI banners for this event. The budget is €1000.
  • Shiatsu skills & practice swap: Joanne proposed to organize a skill share session in Dublin in June with the following agenda: Shiatsu for Dementia & Alzheimer, Shiatsu Stretches and finish with a Swap. A similar session will be organized in Cork in November.
  • Shiatsu Training & Workshops: The SSI will organize some training for the practitioners’ benefit. Suzanne Yates, Tamsin Grainger and Jasmine Itter were contacted for this matter. Suzanne might not be available until 2020. Between Tamsin and Jasmine, the decision was in favour of Jasmine who is offering 3 alternatives: 1. Letting go of “fix it” Shiatsu- Empowerment for your client, 2. The Fluid field – Shiatsu and Fascia 3. An Introduction to Movement Shiatsu. The second option was the most voted (4 votes) against the 3 votes for the 1stoption and 1 vote for the 3rd. This training will be subsidized for the members of the Society with a price of €20 versus a price of €60 for non-members. It was also agreed that the Society will be offering a 10% to non-SSI related workshops and practitioners will have to make their case to obtain this coverage.
  • Should we pay for social media ads? Helena believes it is worth paying for them as this is working very well for the College on the other hand Joanne feels that the current system is enough for the time being until we manage to find a marketing person to do it. Agreed that Joanne will continue with the marketing until a person is found for the task.
  • Distribution of the minutes of the meetings: Joanne proposed for them to be distributed to all the members. This was seconded by Patricia O’Halon and agreed.
  • Mentorship program: A proposal to offer support to practitioners has been discussed in the last years however Helena said that this was arranged previously and received no interest from the members.
  • Discussion regarding CPD points: it has been noted that members are not returning the forms. The questions were: Can we require members to fill and return the forms? Should we update the CPD form? Most people agreed that the current form is simple enough and that practitioners need to return the form to remain members hence a firmer stance will be taken in this regard.
  • Regulation on people advertising as Shiatsu Practitioners: This is about Online trainings that are being advertised as Shiatsu Practitioner training. Joanne has contacted them with the request to remove the word practitioner from their advertising. There is also a request for members to report non-practitioner advertising for Shiatsu.


  • Ficta membership: All in agreement to not renew membership with them.


  • ESF Update given by Mary Mchugh. Seamus Connolly resigned as Political Officer of  ESF and President of EFCAM. Chris Mc Alister is our current ESF President. 
  • Task to make a comprehensive list of the Shiatsu Practitioners in Ireland. Joanne proposed to contact every member to ask them to nominate 2 or 3 practitioners who are not members and ask following questions: Have you heard of the SSI? Do you know what it does? Have you thought of re-joining? What stops you re/joining? What would make you re/join? What would you like the SSI do for you? What do you need in your practice? There was no agreement to follow up on this.


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